Labor & Economy

As an active union member with experience working in Olympia to fight for policies that protect all workers, I will be a strong voice and champion for Washington's

workers, stand arm-in-arm with my union brothers and sisters and work alongside union organizations to enact policies that will strengthen workers’ power at the bargaining table.

Healthcare should be a reliable, safe and affordable system that advocates for our wellbeing. As an elected official, I will address my community's biggest healthcare concerns, including the opioid epidemic, while standing in solidarity with workers and consumers to reduce costs and create a healthcare system that keeps all of us safe and healthy.

Veterans & Military

Having served in the Washington National Guard, I understand the difficult transition from service to everyday life.  As an elected official, I will create policies that will strengthen mental health support for active and retired service members, incentivize jobs for veterans, and provide community support for the spouses and families of service members.


Working families should be able to get to work and back home efficiently and safely.  Accessible public transportation will play an ever-increasing role as a way to increase quality of life. I will support policies that make transportation more sustainable, affordable, and efficient. 

The rapidly evolving global climate crisis is an issue that impacts our environment, health, and sustainability while also highlighting  the disparities between high and low economic status. As an elected official, I will support policies that create and incentivize renewable, reliable, and affordable energy while working towards the elimination of greenhouse gas emissions in our state.



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